Questions about your new medication or diagnosis?

You're not alone. Lots of people still have questions or concerns after talking with their doctors. Every day we help people just like you who are uncertain about their medical care. Give us a call at 1.800.940.5049, enter 1 and ext. 3456. Our nurses and social workers are here for you and ready to help in any way.

An extra set of hands

Unexpected illnesses or worsening conditions such as cancer or diabetes may leave you and your family concerned and confused. Don't worry. Our registered nurses and social workers reach out to you with phone calls and letters.

They'll help you make informed choices about your treatment plan, financial considerations and the most effective ways to help you regain your health. We help you make sure the treatment your doctor recommends is covered by your health plan and take place in the best facility for your condition.

Consider us an extra set of hands to answer questions, arrange travel, find home or hospice care, talk with you about end-of-life planning or walk you through the confusing aspects of health care.

Chronic Illness?

Our nurses and social workers help you thrive. Simply call us for support, education and motivation. You'll learn better ways to follow your treatment plan, how to talk with your doctor at office visits and when it's important to get care. Our nurses listen to you. They ease your concerns with explanations and information. And they are available to simply chat for a few minutes when you feel overwhelmed.

Babies and backs

Expectant families often need an extra source for help and information. Maternity nurses help moms during pregnancy and after. They explain medical terms and answer the questions you forgot to ask your doctor.

And if back pain gets in the way of your daily activities, specialized nurses help you toward recovery. Your nurse helps you evaluate the treatment options and alternatives that best fit your lifestyle and condition.

If you're diagnosed with heart or lung disease, depression, diabetes or any other life-changing condition, we can help you weigh the benefits, risks and uncertainties of various treatment options. We'll keep you motivated to achieve your best health.

Start today

Care Advantage is free, confidential and waiting for you. Sign up online or call 1.800.940.5049, enter 1 and ext. 3456. 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. (CST).

Additional Products and Services

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Help finding the right health care services.

Healthy Mom & Baby

Support to help expectant moms deliver healthy, full-term babies.

Vaccinations & Preventive Screenings

Are you up-to-date on your preventive screenings and vaccinations?

Quality Management Program

Identify and act on opportunities that improve the quality, safety and value of care.

Medical Policy, Prior Approval

When, how and why we cover certain conditions.