A cash back rewards program

Now you have a better choice for your employees. Welcome to Choice Pays, a self insured health plan for companies with over 100 employees, that pays employees cash for making smart decisions about where they get their care.

This is not a narrow network

Choice Pays gives employees access to one of the largest open access networks in the state, employees are free to visit 99 percent of Minnesota's hospitals and clinics and receive in-network benefits. However, if employees receive care at providers for certain services in PreferredOne's Connect Network the employee gets a check mailed to their home. No paperwork. No pre-enrollment decision. No difference in coverage between networks. Just an added incentive to use high quality, efficient providers that save employees and employers money.

Your Connect Network

The Connect Network includes: M Health Fairview, North Memorial Health, Hennepin Healthcare, and other popular independent clinics throughout the metro area.

6,000 Doctors

625 Clinics

15 Hospitals

Choice Pays Rewards

Employees don't have to see Connect Network providers but when they do for these types of services, we send them a check.

$20 Physician office visit
$200 Hospital outpatient surgery
$500 Inpatient hospital services
$1,000 Annual maximum per member
* Choice Pays lets the self funded plan sponsor set the cash reward amounts.
** Services not eligible for rewards include, but not limited to: prescriptions, ER visits, durable medical equipment.

Are you ready to learn more?

We are eager to tell you more. See if Choice Pays makes sense for your company. Call your broker or PreferredOne representative.

Disclaimers: Reward amounts can vary by employer. Not all services are eligible for rewards.